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Mm, ok, moving this to Facebook

Hi folks

I'm moving my creative internet presence here - I think the Facebook pages interface is better suited to my needs.

If you're a facebooker, I hope you'll come visit sometime.
Or even if you're not...

U xx
Posting now because I've kinda lost interest and who knows when they will actually get finished?

Before - ugh, clunky-boring.



Femme II

This one has just gone home with my friend Annie :)
(please ignore the www.ursula-then.com on the bottom, that URL doesn't exist anymore)

Femme II
Date: 2003
Size of original:
Medium: Pen & Ink


Unfinished projects....

Blue jean footstools...

Came across these in my archives today and realized that I should stick 'em in here...


Care of hand crocheted / knitted items

I had put this info somewhere previously but I cannot for the life of me remember where...
So I figure safest place to put it is here...

hand wash in tepid water - not too hot, not too cold
use wool wash
do not agitate too much - just squeeze the water through the item
Squeeze excess water out by rolling item in an absorbent towel.
dry flat in shade, pull garment to shape as it is drying.

too hot, too cold, or too much agitation can cause felting and/or shrinkage.

More beanies :)

Pointy beanie parade!

I found out what the pointy tail things are called - they're liripipes!
But I'm not sure if that applies only to medieval hoods or not.

Still, I think liripipe is a cool word.

This is one of my favourites. It's a kid's size one. The charms on the end are of a little princess and a little crown with "princess" printed on it.


I like Spike. I like Spike's androgyny. See Spike run. Run, Spike, run. Look, here's Dick. Let's not go there.

Spike I     Date: 2002
Size of original: 15 x 13 cm
Medium: Pencil

Spike II    Date: 2003
Size of original:
60 x 60 cm

Spike's another one of my favourites :)


Tattooed angel

Tattooed Angel
Date: 2003
Size of original:

This one's my favourite. I sold her to a lovely gallery owner in Milton.